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Q.) What is The Big Spin®?

A.) The Big Spin® is a $10 instant ticket (#449) with instant win top prizes of up to $1,000,000 and is available now for purchase from your favorite Michigan Lottery retailer.

The Big Spin® instant ticket also gives players the opportunity to submit unique Spin Codes from non-winning The Big Spin® tickets on the Big Spin website to earn entries for a chance to win an opportunity to spin The Big Spin® event wheel in person and win a guaranteed prize from $100,000 up to $2,000,000!


Q.) Where do I find my Spin Code for entry into the website?

A.) You can find your Spin Code on the front lower left-hand corner of your non-winning The Big Spin® instant ticket. Remove the scratch-off material on the box labeled Spin Code to reveal your unique code.


Q.) How do I know if I won a chance to spin The Big Spin wheel?

A.) The Michigan Lottery will contact winners of drawings using their contact information associated with their Michigan Lottery account.


Q.) If I win one of the Big Spin events will I be on TV?

A.) Yes! All Big Spin event prize winners will be required to complete the necessary forms and releases in order to participate in a Big Spin event. Winners who do not complete all necessary forms and releases as required by the Michigan Lottery will not be eligible to participate and will forfeit the opportunity to participate in the Big Spin Event and claim any prize associated with this promotion.

 You can learn more about the Big Spin event eligibility by visiting the Big Spin event rules page


Q.) How can I watch the Big Spin events?

A.) All Big Spin events will be recorded and broadcast in Michigan at a later date.

 You can learn more about the event air dates by visiting the rules page.


Q.) How many drawings will be conducted for The Big Spin® event?

A.) There will be four (4) separate drawing with five (5) winners selected per drawing for a total of twenty (20) Big Spin event winners.


Q.) Will prize amounts on The Big Spin® event wheel be removed from the wheel once they are won?

A.) No. All twenty (20) participating Big Spin event winner(s) will have the same/equal opportunity to win a guaranteed prize from $100,000 up to $2,000,000!


Q.) When can I start submitting my Spin Codes?

A.) If you have at least one non-winning The Big Spin instant ticket, you can go to the Enter Tickets page to submit your Spin Codes now!


Q.) I submitted several Spin Codes for the first drawing, will my Spin Codes be eligible for subsequent drawings if they are not selected?

A.) No. Spin Code entries are only valid for the drawing period in which they were received. Spin Code entries not selected as winners will be discarded after each drawing.

 Go to the Drawings and Winners page  to view the drawing entry periods.


Q.) Can I still buy The Big Spin® instant game tickets once the drawings are over?

A.) Yes! The Big Spin® instant tickets will still be available for purchase after the final drawing. Ticket inventories will vary depending on retailer availability.