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Second Chance Last Chance


Game Details

Match call numbers on multiple Bingo boards to reveal patterns. Match one or more patterns to the prize table to win.

Select your mode of play -- Play For Fun or Play For Prizes. To play for prizes you must first enter the required code numbers from an eligible non-winning BINGO instant game ticket.

Each game begins with four Player’s Cards.

  1. Select Auto Dab or the desired play Speed before beginning the game.
  2. A total of 30 Bingo Numbers will be drawn automatically. You can control the speed of the drawing by clicking the Speed icon.
  3. Select matching Bingo Numbers on each of the four Player’s Cards by clicking those numbers.
  4. Selecting Auto Dab will automatically reveal all 30 Bingo Numbers and any matching numbers on each Player’s Card.
  5. After all 30 Bingo Numbers have been drawn, a 10 second countdown will begin. Any matching numbers that have not been revealed will automatically reveal.
  6. If you entered an eligible $3 Bingo ticket in “Play for Prizes” mode and you uncover one or more winning patterns you win the corresponding prize in the Prize Legend.If you entered an eligible $5 Bingo ticket and you uncover one or more winning patterns, you get to play the Multiplier game in order to determine your total winning prize!